Motion sensor lighting such as the Smart Lamp is an effective way to increase security around your home or business.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what leading home security experts have to say.


NRMA, Home Safety and Security

Install movement-activated sensor lights and trim trees and shrubs, close to windows and doors that provide cover for intruders

WA Police, Safety for Seniors

Safety Tips, Home Security:

Install motion sensor floodlights.

AAMI Home Protection Hints

Motion sensitive external lights are worth considering and should be installed where a thief can’t reach them

 Australian Police Website

 Have you fitted outside automatic sensor lights? These lights will come on automatically when someone approaches. This allows you or your neighbours to see who is approaching, and will deter most burglars. A fitted sensor light also provides safety for you when you come home during the hours of darkness. Fit them front and back and under the carport to illuminate your car.

Allianz, Securing your home against theft: Top ten tips.

Deter thieves from targeting your house by ensuring a clear line of sight from the street. Cut back trees and bushes that obscure your front door, look into installing movement sensor lights and report broken street lights straight away.


Garages and garden sheds are often targets for burglars who can then use your tools or ladders to gain access to the main house (police even report wheelie bins used to smash windows). An automatic light, for instance, fitted to the shed or garage can be a useful deterrent, along with keyed locks.

Chris E. McGoey ‘Crime Doctor’, Home Security, Burglary Prevention Advice

Security lights with infra-red motion sensors are relatively inexpensive and can easily replace an exterior porch light or side door light on single family homes. The heat-motion sensor can be adjusted to detect body heat and can be programmed to reset after one minute. These security lights are highly recommended for single family homes.

My Loan Expert, Top Ten Tips To Improve Your Home Security

Motion Sensor Lights

These are useful to install, especially at the back of a house or apartment. Infra-red motion sensor lights are also easily available and not very expensive. An unexpected light going on is a definite deterrent to a burglar who will wonder what other security devices you have in place.

Leading Home Security Experts Advocate Motion Sensor Lighting
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