Save up to $93 per year per tube

The Smart Lamp LED Tube is a new energy saving replacement for 4 Foot ‘T8’ fluorescent tubes.

It is an ideal lighting solution for areas such as car-parks, corridors and storage areas.

• Full brightness when movement detected (+3 minutes) dropping to 10% brightness in standby mode (no movement).
• In-built passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor.
• Includes replacement starter (so you can install yourself).
• Please note: only works in open, cage or wire guard style light fittings as the sensor needs to remain uncovered / visible.


Easy to install in existing fittings

The Smart Lamp LED Tube fits into your exiting fluorescent T8 light fixtures.

Simply replace the tube and starter (supplied) and you’re done! If your fitting does not have a starter you will need an electrician to wire-out the existing electronic ballast before installing this LED Tube.



Don’t get left in the dark!

Most motion sensor systems require an electrician for installation and they can be complicated to successfully mount and install. Take car-parks for example, how do you position the sensors in all areas so people don’t accidentally get left in the dark at their car? [answer: you can’t]

The Smart Lamp LED Tube addresses this issue by distributing the sensor technology to each and every light bulb. This way lights are only on in the areas which are actually occupied.

Furthermore, when not on at full brightness, they do not turn off completely. They remain in standby (sensing) mode and still emit 10% of their total light output.


Over 90% energy savings await

Compared to conventional fluorescent tubes, the Smart Lamp T8 LED Tube with PIR motion sensor will save over 90% of operational energy usage.

Here is an example:

Old T8 Fluorescent tube 36W plus 9W in the ballast (45W).

Total = 1.08 kWh/day.

New Smart Lamp tube 18W (eg. 1 hour per day) and 2W in standby.

Total = 0.064 kWh/day.

That’s a 94% energy saving!



  • Fitting Type: T8 tube / G13 connector
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts (when on at full brightness) and 2 Watts (standby mode at 10% brightness)
  • Operating Description: Stays on for 3 minutes after motion detected, then goes to standby mode. Sensor range is line of sight up to 12m.
  • Voltage: 85-265 V AC
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Colour Temperature: 5000K (cool white)
  • Colour Codes: 850
  • Beam Angle: 140°
  • Light Output: 1440 lumens
  • Dimmable: No
  • Dimensions: 1198mm (long) x 26mm (wide)
  • Weight + Material: 360 grams – aluminium back, polycarbonate cover
  • Installation: Self install (includes replacement starter) or consult an electrician.
  • Product Identifiers: 9394523752456 (Barcode)
  • Further Notes: Single end power supply, Safety fuse in LED starter, Isolated driver.