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How It Works

The Smart Lamp only turns on after dark and if movement is detected. It uses a Passive Infrared sensor with a full 360˚ range of approximately 12 meters.


Do you have a light that you previously needed to leave on all night? Not anymore, thanks to Smart Lamp. Cut down hours of usage into minutes. In addition Smart Lamps are much more efficient than non-LED motion sensor lights.


Not only can the Smart Lamp drastically reduce your energy bills, but unlike other motion sensor and lighting automation systems, there are no additional installation costs.


The Smart Lamp is light that comes on only when it’s needed. No more need to travel back and forth to the light switch. No more grappling for light switches in the dark.


A Smart Lamp installed as external lighting will deter most burglars and is more effective than normal lighting just left on overnight.


The Smart Lamp is the easiest way to install motion sensor lighting. Can you change a light bulb? Then you can install the Smart Lamp. No fussy installation, no need for an electrician.